"TSUBAMESANJO KOUBA NO SAITEN" provides you the scene of the manufacturing at Tsubamesanjo.

KOUBA NO SAITEN 2023 will be held! First time to be held under the management of KOUBA, a voluntary organization, with 87 companies from the region participating

KOUBA NO SAITEN, which started in 2013, will be held as a new four-day event from Thursday, October 26 to Sunday, October 29, under the management of KOUBA, a voluntary organization.


The “KOUBA NO SAITEN 2023” which will be held under the new structure, will not only provide information on the Tsubame-Sanjo region, which has a long history and continues to develop as a production area with metalworking technologies using multiple materials and manufacturing methods, but will also provide information on what each business location in the region makes and how it makes it, as well as the skills of each company and craftsman. The main project, “The Craftsmen’s Exhibition”, will be held at the Tsubame-Sanjo area. In addition to the main event, the Open Factory, in which 87 companies will participate, there will also be factory tours conceptualized by the voluntary organization KOUBA team, talk sessions with companies, craftsmen, and creators at event sites in the area, and an exhibition featuring representative products of the Tsubame-Sanjo area. An exhibition of representative products from the Tsubamesanjo area will also be held.

For details, please see the press release.