A world complex as it is deep

Making files and rasps is a laborious process. The comment uttered by almost every visitor to Ishikoma is “I was surprised at how much work goes into making a single file.” These words give Ishikoma’s Ishiguro a new appreciation for the complexity of file making. “The teeth of the file are set using a machine, but the work still has to be checked by hand. It’s not a process that can be completely automated.” As a business manager, Ishiguro isn’t directly involved in production. But it makes him happy when people mention how well the files perform. Sometimes people even praised Ishikoma’s Nitto brand files as the best in Eastern Japan, comparable only to the Tsubotama files of Western Japan; but Tsubotama, which was located in Hiroshima, has since gone out of business. “I want people to know that the file manufacturing industry is located in Tsubame,” says Ishiguro. In a time when file culture has become less-than-common, Ishikoma continues to pass down the torch.